Terms of Service

  1. 1. Acceptance of Terms: Accessing Beaseness indicates your agreement with these Terms. Do not use Beaseness if you disagree. We may periodically update these Terms; please stay updated.
  2. 2. Service Description: Beaseness offers AI-driven business idea validation and business plan generation. While we strive for accuracy, we don't guarantee the absolute precision or completeness of insights or plans.
  3. 3. Payments: Third parties, such as Stripe, manage our payment processing. Using Beaseness means you also agree to the terms of these third-party providers. Any billing disputes or issues are between you and the payment processor.
  4. 4. Intellectual Property: Outputs from Beaseness are tailored to your input. Redistribution or commercial usage without explicit permission is disallowed.
  5. 5. Liability: Beaseness offers services 'as is', without warranties. Always verify the AI-generated content and seek professional consultation where necessary.
  6. 6. Termination: At our discretion, we can revoke any user's access, with or without prior notice.
  7. 7. Third-Party Interactions: We hold no responsibility for third-party actions or omissions related to this service.
  8. 8. Limitation of Liability: Where legally permissible, Beaseness isn't liable for any consequential loss or damage.

Privacy Policy

  1. 1. Information Collection: We gather personal data to provide our service. Payment details, handled externally, are not saved on our servers.
  2. 2. Cookies: Beaseness uses cookies to enrich your online experience. By accessing our site, you consent to this use.
  3. 3. Data Privacy: Your personal information isn't sold or disclosed, unless legally mandated or essential for service delivery.
  4. 4. Security Measures: We adopt practical security measures, but absolute security isn't assured.
  5. 5. Policy Updates: We may revise our privacy policy over time. Major alterations will be communicated through the email tied to your account.
  6. 6. Inquiries: For concerns regarding these terms or our privacy practices, reach out to us.

Engaging with Beaseness signifies your acceptance of these terms and our privacy policy.