Start the business
by validating your idea

Beaseness helps you validate your business idea, and generate business plan, in minutes, AI-powered.

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How it works

Validate your business idea

With Beaseness you can do it in minutes by completing the following steps:

Describe your business idea.
Kick off the process by providing a detailed description of your business idea. Share your vision, goals, target market, and any other pertinent details.
Receive validation and insights.
After submitting your idea, Beaseness will use its AI-driven system to evaluate its viability, potential risks, and other critical factors. This helps you understand the strengths and areas of improvement for your concept.
Generate or refine a business plan.
Based on the validation, you can choose to generate a comprehensive business plan. Customize its components to your preference. Once satisfied, download in your preferred format, be it Markdown, HTML, or plain text (with more options on the horizon).
Business content


Empower Your Business Ideas

Our platform offers an intuitive way to validate your business ideas and generate a comprehensive business plan, tailored by AI to your specific needs.

Idea validation insights.
Submit your business concept and receive comprehensive AI-driven feedback. Gain insights into viability, potential risks, and areas where your idea stands out.
Business plan generation.
Once your idea is validated, create detailed business plans with AI assistance.
Dynamic content refinement.
Refine both your validation feedback and generated business content. Adjust details, introduce new insights, or remove sections to align with your vision.
Multiple validations and plans.
With a single payment, validate various business ideas and generate business plans tailored to those concepts.

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